Durham Region Prayer Breakfast

Standing together in prayer means more today.

Durham Region Prayer Breakfast

Friday, September 15, 2023 | 7:30am

This is a free prayer breakfast

Registration required *Limited seating available


The first-ever Durham Region Prayer Breakfast is a compelling testament to the potency of unity, faith, and community in today’s era.

Organized by devoted leaders within the Christian community, this occasion goes beyond a mere assembly; it embodies a profound embodiment of shared values that rise above individual disparities.

At its core, the Prayer Breakfast serves as a hub, uniting influential and purpose-driven individuals who champion the enduring tenets of faith, family, and the cherished freedoms upon which our nation stands.

Embracing a collective conviction in the teachings of Jesus Christ, the event encapsulates a communal dedication to promoting empathy, compassion, and love in our everyday lives. As participants clasp hands in prayer, they forge an unbreakable bond—an unwavering commitment to enhancing their communities, infusing kindness, and fostering justice for all.

The Durham Region Prayer Breakfast seeks to provide an occasion for all community members, including those who may not regularly engage in worship, to come together in gratitude and worship of our Lord Jesus. It’s a time to offer prayers for divine guidance to guide our politicians and governmental decisions at the Federal, Provincial, and local levels. Additionally, we offer prayers for our Emergency Services and other essential contributors who play a role in maintaining the resilience, safety, and unity of our community

As dawn illuminates the inaugural Durham Region Prayer Breakfast, its significance transcends the event’s boundaries. It embodies hope—a hope that collaboration transcends division, shared values eclipse differences, and faith propels transformative actions. This gathering stands as a beacon, guiding us toward a future where the teachings of love, compassion, and unity remain unwavering, regardless of the challenges that may arise. Let us come together in prayer and unity.

Event Location

Canada Events Centre

300 Water St, Whitby, ON L1N 9B6


Keynote Speaker

Tim Schindel

Keynote Speaker
President & National Director of “Leading Influence”.



Special Guest

Joshua Samuel & team

Worship Ministry

Tom Kemiec

Member of Parliament,  Calgary Shepard
Conservative Party of Canada

Leslyn Lewis

Member of Parliament, Haldimand – Norfolk
Conservative Party of Canada

Anna Roberts

Member of Parliament,      King-Vaughan
Conservative Party of Canada


If you are reserving a single seat please select “Individual Registration”. If you are registering for a group select “Table Registration”. 

Please note: Table Registration is for 10 seats at a table.


Durham Region Prayer Breakfast Contact Information

EMAIL: info@durhamregionprayerbreakfast.com

PHONE: (289) 401-3360

Sajanth Mohan
Chair and Organizer of Durham Region Prayer Breakfast

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